Circle Theme
Vertical slider drag and freedrag

Slider mouse and touch drag and freedrag examples.

Live drag

See active and current slides right away.

Free drag

Stay at the dragged position
Free drag + live drag.

Adaptive height

Adaptive height can be used with live and free drag

With live drag
With free drag and live drag.
With free drag and live drag, but resize only on current change.

Drag to closest only

Allow to moving to previous or next slides only, after dragging.

Don't move slides

Slides movement while dragging can be disabled, best with drag to closest.

Drag speed

Custom slider move animation speed to the closest slide, after it's dragging.

Drag threshold

Threshold to advance slides.

Slide treeshold. Requires to drag full slide length to advance (threshold - 1, treeshold type - slide).
Requires to drag atleast 100px to advance (threshold - 100, treeshold type - static).

Edge friction

Resistance when swiping edges in non-loop slider.

Allow to move a little out of the edges, edge friction = 0.15.
Don't allow to move out of the edges, edge friction = 0.

Disable dragging

Both mouse and touch drag can be disabled.