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Slice provides a lot of functionality here is just a few of its features.

Slider and Carousel

You will get both in one product and more is comming.

100+ Slider Options

Provides a lot of options to customize your Sliders and Carousels.

6 Themes Included

Contains 6 themes and more is comming. Each theme designs has a few navigation positions variations and an enormous amount of examples.

Data Attributes

Set all options directly in HTML with data attributes.


Create your own themes or quick to use sliders and carousels settings with Slice.

Slide Everything

Allows images, textes or any other content sliding.


Customize slide options for any device size.

Autosize Slides

Make slides follow it's content size.

Adaptive Height

Make slider take height of the biggest active slide.

Vertical Sliding

Fully functional vertical slider and carousel. Done horizontaly = done verticaly.

Center View

Position current slide at the center of your carousel.

Stage Paddind and Size

You can set stage padding, so sides slides will be partly visible and set stage max size to limit active slides size.

Slide Aspect Ratio

Make your slides follow aspect ration you set.

Current Slide Size

Make current slide stand out by makind it smaller or bigger than other slides.

Infinite Sliding

Never ending sliding with slider loop.


Make slider slide automaticaly.


Automaticaly move throught all slides.

Slides Spacing

Set space between slides directly with no CSS.


Mouse and Touch Draggable

Dragg or swipe slides freely.

Free drag

Stay where you drag.

Slider content animation

Animate content of the slider with CSS3 animation.

Lazy Load

Load slide images only when they are required.

Image Cover

Make images cover all space and manage how it should do it.

Parallax effects

Make images follow browser window and cursor with preffered speed.

Regular Free Updates

More features, options and themes in future updates.

Square Theme

Modern theme with fluent design square navigation. Best for galleries and block-like content.

Simple Theme

Simple and clean slider and carousel theme that uses Font Awesome iconic font for arrows and provides navigation at sides, over the slider or combined. It is great for any content sliding in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Line Theme

Classic theme with thin line arrows and dots navigation. Great for any content sliding.

Slim Theme

Modern theme with thin line arrows and slim navigation. Great for any content sliding.

Circle Theme

Modern theme with circle navigation. Best for galleries and block-like content.

Minimalistic Theme

Minimalistic and clean slider and carousel theme. Great for both gallery and content sliding.

Cover plugin

Cover any block with background image and manage how it should be shown.

Parallax plugin

Parallax any block with background image and manage how it should be shown.

Latest ready-to-use examples

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